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Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews September 2016


We have now entered autumn, the month of reading according to the Japanese. Not sure what to read? Take a look at September’s reviews and see if any of them take your fancy – this month we even have a book by the managing editor of Patheos Pagan! [Read more]


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RIP Sir Terry Pratchett


“10.12.12TerryPratchettByLuigiNovi1” by Luigi Novi. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

‘Goodbye,’ Mort said, and was surprised to find a lump in his throat. ‘It’s such an unpleasant word, isn’t it?’
QUITE SO. Death grinned because, as has so often been remarked, he didn’t have much option. But possibly he meant it, this time.
(From Mort)

Rest in Peace Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the most important authors of all time and a hugely influential figure in the world of witchcraft. Through your hilarious characters and observations of human life (and particularly those involved in witchcraft and the occult), you taught us all that one can feel deep passion and respect for anything – without ever taking it too seriously.

Au Revoir, and I hope you had some snappy exchanges with Death when He came for you. You’re probably the only person who could ever out-quip Death Himself.

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Top 10 Pagan-friendly movies for adults

Now I’ve done some lists for my top 10 favourite Pagan and Wiccan-friendly family movies, I thought I’d explore my favourite Pagan-friendly movies for a more mature audience!  Continue reading


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