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Action Needed! Help Save Dark Angel


The Dark Angel Design Co, who specialise in Gothic and Fantasy wear and are a favourite among UK Pagans, is one of many businesses who now face permanent closure due to damage caused by the recent floods in the North of England.

This is the company that made my Wedding and Handfasting dress  (their stunning Avalon dress) and my husband’s Groom’s jacket (this velvet jacket). They are a wonderful, unique company and mean a lot to us.

Here are some ways you can help them:



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New Local Goth / Alt Lifestyle Store – Impact


My local Goth/Pagan/Alternative community has been excited by the launch of a new Goth/Alt lifestyle and fashion shop, Impact, in one of our prime shopping centres.

Located on the top floor of the Pentagon shopping centre in Chatham, Impact opened its doors on Saturday – on the Full Moon, which is a very auspicious time to launch! It’s one of the first shops of its kind to launch in Medway for years, and its first day was met with much interests both from the local alternative community and the mainstream press and public alike.

It’s also run by two very passionate people who really live and breathe this lifestyle, and have a deep understanding of the needs of our community. Even in these very early days, they’ve done a great job of covering all bases of the alternative spectrum, with a diverse range of clothes, jewellery and trinkets from all facets of the alternative lifestyle spectrum.

I was really pleased to visit on the opening day, where I bought a lovely, silky soft Green Man scarf to go in the cellar of our new house (which is my unofficial “altar room”), and an awesome strappy, zippy top that looks like it’s come of straight off the streets of Harajuku for only £25.00. I also got a S.O.P.H.I.E wristband – the Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a cause that Impact strongly supports.

While Camden, traditionally London’s hub for all things punk and alternative, begins to fade into touristy monotony, it’s very good to see new shops, run by and for members of the alternative community, start up in Medway – I’ve long maintained that retail very much exists in a symbiotic relationship with subculture; one cannot exist without the other, something I explored in my contribution to the book Schillderndes Dunkel, a collection of essays on Goth culture, several years back. I deeply wish Impact a long and prosperous future, and look forward to supporting them by buying lots of goodies again soon!

You can view Impact’s website here, and their Facebook page here.

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