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Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews August 2016


August is summer holiday time here in the UK so perhaps it’s no surprise that I’ve been relaxing and reading a lot of fiction recently, as you can see from this month’s reviews which include:

  • Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • Joseph Cali & John Dougill, Shinto Shrines: A Guide to the Sacred Sites of Japan’s Ancient Religion
  • Witi Ihimaera, The Whale Rider
  • Brendan Myers, The Earth, The Gods and The Soul – A History of Pagan Philosophy: From the Iron Age to the 21st Century
  • J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script

But which one have I awarded Read of the Month? Read on and find out!

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Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews July 2016


This month Pagan Tama has previews of two as yet unreleased titles from Moon Books, in addition to books on interfaith, cellular biology and occult murder mysteries! [Read more]

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Celebrating the Masculine at Kodomo No Hi


Koi-nobori carp streamers hung to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan. By tiseb/Wikimedia Commons

While I find early spring a feminine time of year, for me, May is very much a masculine month – a time for celebrating the Great God in all His incarnations. Certainly Beltane is quite a “manly” Sabbat, withoak its maypoles and Green Man and Horned God imagery. But in Japan on May 5th, there’s another festival that’s all about celebrating boys and men that shares some similarities with Beltane, and that is Kodomo no Hi. [Read more]

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Pagan Tama on Social Media

You can now follow updates from my Patheos Pagan blog Pagan Tama on social media!

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twitterTwitter (I also share other random things on here occasionally)

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Legally-Binding Handfastings – I Do?


What role should religion play in marriage? My latest Patheos article discusses the relationship between religion and state in marriage. Click here to view!

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Inari AGAIN at Hatsuuma 2016!


Today is Hatsuuma, which is the feast day of Inari Ookami. I was a bit sad because although it fell on a Saturday which would usually mean I’d be off work and have more time to celebrate, it just so happened that I had to work this Saturday at an anime convention.

However, O-Inarisama still found a way of making an appearance! At the convention, I happened to find the stand of the artist who had drawn the picture above, which I had seen before circulated on the Inari Faith International Facebook page, originally from Fur Affinity. This image is so beautiful and so full of Inari symbolism that I knew I had to buy it straight away.

I talked a little with the artist, who has apparently been to Fushimi Inari Taisha but she seemed unaware that O-Inarisama is in fact a revered deity. It’s amazing that she could produce something so meaningful to Inari devotees even without some of the background knowledge – perhaps it just shows her sensitivity as an artist! My print is now proudly displayed above my Inari altar along with my Inari-zushi and mochi offerings for Hatsuuma.

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When Hitler Stole Our Symbols


What should we do when fascists and extremists appropriate spiritual symbols? I examine the issue in my latest Patheos post…

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Setsubun – “Japan’s Imbolc”


Roasted soy beans and oni masks for Setsubun. By katorisi (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

What do Setsubun and Imbolc have in common? Find out more at my latest Patheos article! 

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My first Patheos article!


My first article is now up on Patheos – “How I found the Shinto-Pagan Path.” Please do have a read 🙂

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Trellia’s on Patheos!


I’ve been a little quiet as of late on this blog. And the reason is….I’ve just joined Patheos, the multifaith publishing and information website! The application has taken a while, but now it’s all gone through and so I will be blogging there very soon (I’ll post on here when I publish my first article). I’ll be blogging pretty similar articles on what I write about now, i.e. living the Shinto-Pagan path.

I’m not sure exactly what will happen to this, my original blog. I might still use it for more personal articles – it depends how busy I end up being with the Patheos blog.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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