I now have a blog at Patheos, Pagan Tama, which is my main blogging site these days.

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17 responses to “About

  1. Yes, It is important the self knowledge.

  2. Your path is interesting as well! Shinto is very fascinating to me, especially when it plays some kind of role in Japanese horror films. And Inari sounds like a very noble God.

  3. EmilyAnn Frances

    Isn’t Inari feminine, a female vixen?

  4. dayhawk68

    Very cool. Looking forward to reading more posts 🙂

  5. Alexandra

    Your shrine arrangement is lovely. I look forward to checking out your blog. 🙂

  6. Trellia hello there, I must confess as I only made an account today and am about to go to bed I have only scanned over your page, but I found you through my tags. It is a pleasure to meet a Pagan (i believe?) who also takes great interest in Shinto and Inari and is living in Japan. I apoligise if any information is somewhat incorrect but all same I am really happy to have found your blog and if you didn’t mind it would be lovely to talk with you sometime.

    • Well hello there! Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I consider myself a Shinto-Pagan, although I don’t live in Japan anymore (I lived there for three years though). Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

      • I have been looking through your blog some more and it’s so amazing to find someone who is Shinto-Pagan, from your blog I have found there is a community! This is huge for me, I have been followed by foxes my whole life, when I came to japan and found Inari, although I very much worshipped her straight off I would never refer to myself as Shinto for fear of disrespect being a gaikokujin and all, but seeing others thqt are not afraid, I feel more certain to aceept this part of me. Thank you so much and I am really enjoying reading your blog and am showing my other Pagan friends too

      • I forgot to say also, i hadn’t realised you were no longer in Japan, I too am only here 6 more months, may I ask, how do you deal with being unable to visit inari shrines and only having the home shrine? I fear it will be something I won’t deal with so well haha

      • Well, it’s not so easy, but you find your own way. One thing that the UK has over Japan is that urban foxes are far more common here, so I can feel close to OInari-sama whenever I see them. You just have find what ways work for you! Have fun with your remaining time in Japan, see if you can bring back lots of Inari-related stuff so you can still feel close to Her when you get home 🙂

      • I agree! I have a little shrine in my room in Japan thqt will come back with me, so I have made a point to collect all the different components of the shrine from different places in Japan. and I agree with the lqrge amount of Foxes, so that will be a good thing.

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