Celebrating Japanese New Year in the UK


Kagami-mochi (Japanese New Year decoration) at Japan Centre, London

Shogatsu, or New Year’s Day, is probably the most important day in the Shinto calendar. But celebrating it in the Japanese way in the UK can be rather challenging, partly because there are no Shinto shrines to visit and food and goods associated with Shogatsu are hard to come by, and partly because the British was of celebrating the New Year can be difficult to mix with the Japanese customs. In Japan, New Year’s Day is a time for getting up early and celebrating with the family by eating a large meal and visiting the local shrine. [Read more...]



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4 responses to “Celebrating Japanese New Year in the UK

  1. ravenamber87

    It was great to learn about this; thank you 😊

  2. foxofinari

    Oh my gosh, I really want to try to go next year! It may be hard to get there around that time though, haha! I am wondering if China Town does anything for New Years eve, then I could make a trip of it!

    • I don’t *think* they do…Chinese New Year is probably the best time to go! If you do decide to go next year (I believe they hold kagami-biraki every year at Japan Centre), let me know, we could meet up!

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