Star of Wonder

Star of Bethlehem on the exterior apse wall of the former church at Hadanig. By Johann Jaritz (Own work) [via Wikimedia Commons

Last night, Christmas Eve, the UK was treated to seeing the International Space Station fly over at 5:20pm. It’s a great sight for people in Britain, not least because we all know one of our own, Tim Peake, is up there right now. And it is of course fantastic timing – its appearance on Christmas Eve is reminiscent of the Star of Bethlehem in the Nativity story, while parents have been telling their children that it’s Father Christmas flying over in order to deliver presents! Either way, the ISS has captured the imagination  and enthusiasm of the British public.

I was lucky enough to catch sight of the ISS returning home from some last minute shopping, and for me, it was just as exciting as witnessing a natural phenomenon, like a shooting star or a rainbow. It reminds me of the incredible scientific achievements we’ve made, and that we are adding new and wonderful things to Nature itself. It also makes me think of all the potentials and possibilities laid before us that we can achieve, if we just keep on working together with other human beings, and with Nature, to to understand more about the Universe and discover and create wonderful things that can improve our lives.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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