The Need for Human-Friendly Environmentalism


Diana, Goddess of hunting and guardian of wild animals.

I’ve recently been watching BBC’s “The Hunt,”  a David Attenborough documentary about nature’s predators and how they live. While for the most part it’s an excellent series, I found the final episode disturbing. [Read more…]



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4 responses to “The Need for Human-Friendly Environmentalism

  1. You make a lot of solid points here. Environmentalism is extremely important, but it must also be balanced with humanism if it is to be what I call Ma’at.

    Have you ever seen any documentaries like the one below? Consider this a Solstice gift! 🙂

  2. From a more conservationist point of view, methods of protecting wildlife that fit as well as possible with the needs of local people also tend to be more effective. Forced relocations and other such tactics may benefit wildlife in the short term, but the bitterness they create can wreak havoc later on. In fact as I continue to read scientific papers one of the ideas I’ve come across time and time again is participatory conservation. The idea is that when (usually outside) conservationist give local people some of the decision-making power and help them carry out the initiatives that they agree on, it’s possible to achieve good conservation results without resorting to draconian measures. So even without the hugely important ethical issues you passionately brought up, working with local people as supporters (rather than just authority figures) is good environmental strategy.

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