The deities have something to teach us about diversity (plus a quiz!)


There’s very often an assumption that diversity causes discord. The view that the more beliefs, cultures, opinions and ways of life exist in a society, the more likely it is that conflict and crime will arise. Several influential individuals and groups in the UK have come out saying that “multiculturalism has failed,” and have called for immigration to be drastically cut in order to retain the so-called “native” British culture. The UK’s certainly not the only country to have such views expressed; the situation is arguable worse in Japan, where the supposed homogeneity of society is very much celebrated and praised, and those of different ethnic backgrounds face daily discrimination for not being a part of this idealised homogeneity.

Naturally, I have a problem with this. [Read more]



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3 responses to “The deities have something to teach us about diversity (plus a quiz!)

  1. Good post, Tellia. I didn’t know Cupid was blind. Is that the origin of the saying “Love is blind?”

    Interesting point about diversity I’d like to add my personal experience to. As a teenager I went to Junior High School where there was only one predominant ethnic group: Italian-American. Even though this is 75% of my DNA it wasn’t always comfortable for me because the other 25% is Galician Jew. The majority group was very outspoken on their views of race and religion. When I went to high school that was all over. The student body there was VERY diverse: we were children or grandchildren of Jewish, Irish, Italian, Sicilian, African, Latino and Scandinavian immigrants. What I’ll always remember is that for the first time instead of people asking me “What are you?” (meaning ethnic group), I met people who asked me “How are you?” The kids who were so rude and outspoken about ethnic pride in Junior High School had to learn to be more discerning and sensitive to others.

    • Cupid is sometimes, but not always, depicted as blind, symbolising both that “love” is blind and also how irrational can be (Cupid’s arrows can strike the more unlikely of couples because his blindness means he cannot aim). I can’t believe some people ask “What are you?!” That’s unbelievably rude.

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