Mabon with Medway Pagans 2015


Our apple offerings

On Wednesday I celebrated Mabon with my Medway Pagans moot. It was one of the rare occasions when our monthly moots fell on the actual day of a Sabbat, which made it extra special!

The weather had been quite warm recently and hadn’t really felt particularly autumnal. But as I walked up to the social club where we hold our moots, under the light of the waxing moon, I could see the first signs of autumn creeping in. A few leaves had begun to fall, and I could smell burning where people with fireplaces had just begun to light them (sometimes, we forget how much people add to the changing seasonal landscape). I also spotted a fox, which of course I was happy about. You don’t tend to see as many foxes when the colder weather comes, so it was nice to see one before they go and hide themselves for winter.

mabon2015-02It was a mild, dry evening, which was great as it meant we could hold the ritual outside, and have a fire! We’d all brought an apple as an offering, which we places behind us to form a Circle. In the ritual, we welcomed the Goddess in Her aspect of the Crone, and said farewell to the God as he goes to his rest and awaits rebirth. We also took the time to silently express gratitude for the blessings we have received this year. I feel particularly blessed this year, what with us successfully buying a new house!

mabon2015-03What I love about autumn is how sensuous it is, and I really felt that during the ritual. The scent of the burning wood on the fire mixed with the damp aroma of earth, creating a real autumnal feeling. And the food we ate too – wholemeal bread, followed by the apple – very much evoked the taste of autumn. I may not have been feeling particularly seasonal at the start of the ritual, but by the end of it, I did feel that autumn was well and truly with us.


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