“What the Dress Can Teach Us About Spirituality” by Trellia

I’m in Humanistic Paganism again!

Humanistic Paganism

This essay was originally published at Trellia’s Mirror Book.

Not too long ago, this picture of a dress caused an internet storm. Some people (like me) see the dress as blue and black; others swear it is white and gold.* Some people are even capable of seeing it as both, or as different colours entirely. To my knowledge, it’s the very first time that a photograph has caused such a bizarre phenomenon.

A lot of people have criticised the fascination surrounding The Dress as yet another silly internet fad, eclipsing the “real” important news of the day. I actually think that dismissing this phenomenon is, if you excuse the pun, rather short-sighted. For perhaps the first time in history, this photo demonstrates that the gulf between people’s visual perception is a lot wider than we first thought, and potentially opens up a new line of study in the science behind vision (it…

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