“Paganism and Motherhood” by Trellia

Another older post on Humanistic Paganism!

Humanistic Paganism

This essay was originally published at The Mirror Book.

When you’re a woman of a certain age, you suddenly find all your friends are having children and you can no longer put off thinking about that old biological clock ticking. Even in modern society, I think there is still a great social pressure (even if it’s simply a form of passive peer pressure) to have children if you are a married woman. So what does Paganism have to say about becoming a mother?

2015-02-07-2350_54d696b62a6b220820fb843ePaganism places a particular significance on Motherhood – more so than most other religions I would say. Perhaps this is natural considering the importance placed on women in Paganism. The Great Goddess is often referred to as the “Mother Goddess,” “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature,” or she is seen (especially in Celtic Paganism and Wicca) as a Triple Goddess consisting of Maiden, Mother and Crone. The…

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