July Full Moon Esbat / Tanabata 2015


Last night we were blessed with a very warm, still night and a beautiful yellow Full Moon. I performed what will definitely be the last ever Full Moon Esbat ritual at our current address, as we now know that we will be moving house in a couple of weeks.

Tonight’s ritual was one of many thanks. As it is soon our anniversary, I prayed to the seven deities who we invoked at our handfasting – Diana, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Apollo – and thanked them for blessing us for such a wonderful first year of marriage filled with love and happiness. I also thanked Inari Okami for being my watchful patron and for keeping myself, my family and my house safe for so long, and asked her to keep on blessing not only ourselves, but also the local foxes and the next people who will come to live in our flat.

It’s also close to the Tanabata Star Festival (July 7th), and this combined with the previous night’s alignment between Venus and Mars made it seem like a perfect time to commemorate this festival. I gave thanks to the kami associated with Tanabata and hung some tanzaku with wishes for a happy life, healthy family, environmental healing and world peace upon the vines growing outside our house.

Towards the end of the ritual, I heard the foxes calling. I will miss them when we move into our new house.

The next Full Moon ritual will probably take place in the garden of our new house – I wonder what it will be like…



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2 responses to “July Full Moon Esbat / Tanabata 2015

  1. Congratulations on your move! May it go as smoothly as possible for both of you. And before I forget, Happy Anniversary!

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