Venus-Jupiter Convergence, June 30th 2015


Jupiter and Venus depicted on a 330BC Greek vessel. By Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup from Centennial, CO, USA (Getty Villa – Collection Uploaded by Marcus Cyron) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Last night I went out to see the convergence of the planets Venus and Jupiter. It’s a shame I couldn’t get any pictures – it was really beautiful. We couldn’t see the whole spectacle as there were some dodgy people up on the hill where we were which made us nervous, but I’m so glad I managed to see it.

The convergence of Venus and Jupiter is quite significant. It’s a union between the Masculine and Feminine. I’ve seen several articles in the press mention that the biblical Star of Bethlehem may have resulted from Venus and Jupiter converging, which I find interesting – not so much because it might be true, but again because of the symbolism. The Star of Bethlehem is sometimes conflated with the Star of David or Hexagram, ✡ ,which also represents a union between Masculine and Feminine – it is a combination of an upward-pointing triangle (male) with a downward-pointing triangle (female).

The date of this event is also highly significant. It’s on the same week as Tanabata, the Japanese festival which, coincidentally, celebrates the union of two stars, Altair (personified as Hikoboshi the Cowherd Prince) and Vega (Orihime the Weaver Princess). Although the stars are not Venus and Jupiter, it is very interesting that Altair and Vega too are seen as Masculine and Feminine.

I will be commemorating Tanabata at my Full Moon Esbat tonight. I will also be taking the opportunity to commemorate our upcoming anniversary of our wedding and handfasting – another union of Masculine and Feminine!



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3 responses to “Venus-Jupiter Convergence, June 30th 2015

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    I like to celebrate the Full Moon of July and August with Chinese dumplings and a cup of jasmine tea. I hope you get a chance to celebrate with some yummy Asian food, too. I luv the whole femininity of the tea and dumplings and the moon. Also, since rabbits are lunar animals, you might want to meet little Inaba no Usagi Gami if you do journey work. I like to reread the myth around this time. Let us know how your celebration goes.

  2. EmilyAnn Frances

    P.S. Happy Anniversary.

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