Litha Ritual 2015 with Medway Pagans


One of our members brought in a Litha-themed pentagram to decorate our meeting space

Last night was Medway Pagans’ Litha Moot. I had to walk there for the first time (about 2 miles and all uphill), which was actually quite nice because I was in a bit of a bad mood before the Moot, and the long walk helped me to think things through and calm down. And as the weather’s so nice and the evenings are so long (thank you Sun King!), it was a pretty pleasant walk. I might do it again just for the fun of it!

After the usual socialising, the ritual started. We welcomed the summer Sun as a candle was anointed, representing the sun’s light. The “cakes and ale” included ginger biscuits, one of which I had – it was a lot spicer than I expected and its heat seemed quite symbolic of the summer Sun’s energy!

After the ritual, some of us went out to make offerings to the oak trees which surround the club where we hold our moots. It was a beautiful evening, very warm and peaceful and just perfect for celebrating Litha.

Apparently an atmospheric phenomenon meant that the Aurora Borealis was supposed to be visible yesterday evening, but I don’t think any of us spotted it…but as we were leaving, I did spot a fox cross the road outside the club, which is always a very good omen for me!

Next Moot, Lammas, I will be holding the ritual for the very first time. It’s a real honour but I’m pretty nervous! Wish me luck…


The very green Litha altar



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2 responses to “Litha Ritual 2015 with Medway Pagans

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    Not luck but success is what I wish you. Lady Luck is very fickle. Success will mark the expression of all your hard work. Here’s hoping it’s appreciated.

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