HP Pride: Meet Trellia

I got interviewed by Humanistic Paganism 🙂

Humanistic Paganism

HP Pride is a new monthly column where we interview members of the Humanistic Paganism community and other like-minded friends. One or more interviews will be published every month. If you are not a “Big Name Pagan”, or if you have never written online before, all the better! We want to hear from everyone! If you’d like to be interviewed, just click this link and follow the instructions. Today we are interviewing Trellia. 

What do you call the religion you practice?

Eclectic Paganism.

If you call yourself “Pagan”, what about your religion is “Pagan”?  Why do you choose to call yourself “Pagan”?  If you don’t call yourself “Pagan”, why not?

Because I venerate multiple, nature-based deities.

What other words (i.e., humanistic, naturalistic, atheistic, pantheistic, witch, druid, shaman, etc.) do you use to describe your religion and why?

Shintoist, because Shinto is a major aspect of my religion. I find the humanistic…

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