An Evening With Bauhaus’ David J at Atlantis Bookshop


Tonight my husband and I were lucky enough to attend an evening held at Atlantis Bookshop (London’s oldest occult bookshop) with David J – the bassist of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets. The event was to promote his memoir Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? Bauhaus, Black Magick and Benediction (I managed to get a signed first edition while I was there!)

If you ever get the opportunity to go to any author talks at Atlantis, please go. You will be exceptionally well treated. They were serving all kinds of drinks (including Pimms!) and delicious snacks, and of course you get the opportunity to browse the shop’s treasures. For smaller events, you get to go in the basement, but this one was so popular that they held it in the shop itself.

David J’s talk itself was really enjoyable, both fascinating and funny in turns. He read a long passage from the memoir, selected especially for its occult content, including dealings with snake spirits, magic circles and voodoo dolls. As he revealed in the Q&A session afterwards, he definitely attributes Bauhaus’ success partially with their dabblings in magic. Throughout the reading, he played a time-stretched, nine hour version of Bauhaus’ greatest hit, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, adding to the eerie and weird atmosphere of some of the more mystical parts of the narrative.

The whole evening really re-ignited my interest in Bauhaus and I will certainly listen to it in a different way having heard some of the band’s history from David J himself. I really look forward to reading my copy of Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? and my next evening at Atlantis Bookshop!


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