Action needed! Stop fox hunting returning to the UK


There are serious concerns that the newly-re-elected Conservative Party in the UK may overturn the ban on hunting foxes with dogs – a ban that was put in place 10 years ago by the Labour Party.

Make no mistake – fox hunting in the UK was done purely for sport. It was a barbaric practise, conducted primarily by the UK’s richest elite, and was in no way a legitimate means of controlling fox populations (even today, shooting foxes is still legal here).

I am opposed to fox hunting not only because foxes are sacred to me, as a devotee of Inari Okami. I live by a family of foxes and I love seeing them – they bring me joy and I feel as though they are neighbours. The idea of someone chasing down these intelligent, beautiful creatures with a pack of dogs and then celebrating as they are literally ripped apart is like a knife twisting in my heart. They are a part of the UK’s natural heritage – why should their slaughter by a handful of the wealthy be legitimised?

If you live in the UK, please help to keep the ban in place by writing to your MP and telling him/her to speak out against a repeal of the ban on fox hunting.

No matter where you live, you can help by signing this petition to keep the fox hunting ban.

I will keep everyone posted on this campaign. In the meantime, I pray to Inari Okami to give our government the wisdom and compassion to keep this cruel and unnecessary bloodsport where it belongs – in the history books.



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2 responses to “Action needed! Stop fox hunting returning to the UK

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    Definitely a sign of regression. I signed the petition. How much “entertainment” like this do the well-off need? When I think of all the activity, noise and large groups of people that go out on these kinds of hunts it makes me feel helpless. When the hunt takes place on the grounds of a private estate there isn’t much you can do. It is private property. A demonstration or counter-offensive can’t be staged on private property so a more aggressive and far reaching effort is needed via social media. I don’t think praying and peaceful protests always reach the intended target.

  2. RevieWow

    I wrote a blog post about it too!

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