Do we embody our gods?


Sun mask with facial features of August II (the Strong) as Apollo, the Sun God. Johann Melchior Dinglinger [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When considering the relationship we have with our deities, I’ve been wondering to what extent we embody the deities we follow. Many Pagans have a Pantheistic outlook, and they would say that the whole of the universe, including ourselves, can itself be understood as a deity, so of course we embody them. Many Wiccans also seem to hold the view that the God and the Goddess are within us all. But how about Pagans such as myself who have a patron deity? Because I venerate Inari Okami, does this mean that I, to some extent, embody Inari Okami? [Read more]



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3 responses to “Do we embody our gods?

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    Trellia, no matter which path one is on I believe that as we think so we are. In other words that which consumes our thoughts and hearts with the spirit of adoration and intense love reflects outwards. This transcends all labels and institutions.

    The fact that you and I can dialogue is proof of this. I follow Christ as my spiritual master and also have the Black Madonna, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Martha, St. Dymphna as teachers and examples. But it has to be experienced outside the walls of an institution and beyond narrow constrictions.

  2. EmilyAnn Frances

    Thank you for accepting and liking this comment. I was a little worried I’d told too much but I really enjoy our exchanges. From my POV I see nature as an expression of an intelligent and awesome Creator who is beyond all comprehension. There is more than nature, too. If we humans didn’t express consideration, love and respect to one another we’d be at the level of predator and prey. There are people at that level but they do not represent the highest of what we can become.

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