Another stroll in Gravesend cemetery


Perhaps my favourite place in Gravesend is the cemetery – in fact, I wrote about it in my first ever blog entry. Today was such a lovely day today that I decided to pay it a visit – and to see if the bluebells were out yet.

There were only a few bluebells out, but I really enjoyed my time there. The cemetery is a truly magical place – I find it very hard to put into words exactly how I feel when I go there. I find it full of an energy that’s powerful, yet serene at the same time. Of course, the beauty and nature of cemetery is certainly part of it. It is very well looked after with lots of trees and flowers, and I saw quite a lot of wildlife there – including a robin, crows and a peacock butterfly, all animals that have been associated with departed spirits. I also heard a woodpecker; the first I’ve heard this year.

I felt so spiritual there that I decided to meditate for a short while in a secluded part of the cemetery. As I hadn’t brought an offering this time (I hadn’t made it my intention to go to the cemetery when I’d set off for a walk so I hadn’t been prepared), I decided to do a little bit of litter-picking this time. Although, the place is so well cared for that there was little to pick up!

I can see how cemeteries (especially those like this one which are not located next to a specific place of worship) could be considered very Pagan places. After all, they combine two of the most basic principals behind most forms of Paganism – veneration of nature, and veneration of ancestral spirits. In fact, Gravesend cemetery has become something of a Pagan place of worship for me. I plan to visit it as often as I can during the good weather, when I need somewhere to go for quiet, spiritual contemplation.

Here’s a few other pictures I took at the cemetery today:


Can you see the skull-like face in this tree stump at the cemetery?

wp_20150412_15_34_33_pro WP_20150412_15_45_20_ProWP_20150412_15_47_52_ProWP_20150412_15_51_00_ProWP_20150412_15_52_15_ProWP_20150412_15_49_02_Pro 



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4 responses to “Another stroll in Gravesend cemetery

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    I feel this way about Pinelawn Memorial Park in Long Island, New York. It’s non-denominational. Monuments are not permitted. All plaques have to be flush with the ground but the grass is always mowed. No plastic flowers are permitted. There are beautiful fountains, archways, statuary and benches throughout. I’m reminded my Mom didn’t die when I visit her resting place there. She just moved on to the other side.

  2. EmilyAnn Frances

    Gravesend looks like place filled with atmosphere. Your photos communicate that.

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