The significance of “Pagan Standard Time”


Chronos, the God of Time.

It’s something of a joke within Paganism that Pagans run on “Pagan Standard Time.” In other words, if a ritual is scheduled to start at 7pm, you can almost guarantee it won’t start at 7pm. It’ll start at 7:30pm. Or 8:00pm. Or even later. The stereotype is that Pagans are such laid-back, dreamy types that they don’t like to be constricted by time, and so they’re always running late for things.

While Pagan Standard Time is mostly a joke, it does have some interesting implications. [Read more…]



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3 responses to “The significance of “Pagan Standard Time”

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    I think a reasonable approach is to allow 15-20 minutes time before commencing the rite or activity. Almost everyone has cell phones today so a quick call to let someone know they are delayed or running late is considerate. Not everyone can take such a leisurely approach. Those with children waiting at home are constratined by time. Others who have had a long day at work might end up slowing down to the point of going to sleep! I think after a reasonable amount of waiting time things should proceed as planned.

  2. There is some research in modern medicine, too, that says that chronically being late may have more to do with a person’s biology and their psychology than anything else–they aren’t trying to be rude or irresponsible. If I find that research article I’ll send it your way.

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