April-May Altar 2015


Now that Easter has passed, it seems like a suitable day to redecorate my altar for the April-May festivals.

While my March-April altar focussed on Goddess symbols for Ostara and Hina Matsuri, May is a month for celebrating more masculine energies, especially Beltane and Kodomo no Hi (“Boy’s Day” on May 5th). My April-May altar therefore features symbols of the God – at the centre I’ve placed my wand upright like a Maypole, and I’ve also included a large, pointed selenite and drinking horn as phallic symbols. I also found a tiny male Hina Matsuri doll at a charity shop (without his female counterpart) so I have him representing the God as well (he’s hard to spot in the photo but he’s just in front of the sun plaque). Finally, I have two circlets of paper flowers (one white, one red) which I’ve worn at May Day before; they seem appropriate to Beltane so I’ve included them. I also like the fact that white and red are often viewed as the colours of the God and Goddess respectively, and so combining them on the altar represents their Beltane union.

I’m hoping I can pick up a nice representation of the Green Man from somewhere, as he’s symbolic both of Beltane and of St George’s Day (April 23rd).

I wanted to include my carp tenugui (hanging cloth) for Kodomo no Hi, but it seems to have gone missing. Oh well, I suppose I still have about a month to find it!


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