April 2015 Full Moon Esbat (Easter Saturday)


My April 2015 Esbat altar, decorated in colours associated with Spring in Japan (pink, green and white)

Last night was rather cloudy, so it was difficult to see when the Full Moon rose. But while I was waiting, I saw two foxes outside our house – a very powerful sign of Inari Okami. I took it as a signal that Inari-sama was calling me to hold the Esbat ritual.

It was warm and dry enough to hold the ritual outside, so I did the Full Moon ritual outside for the first time this year. Sure enough, when I went outside and looked at the sky, I could finally see the Moon through the clouds.

After making prayers and offerings to Inari-sama, I held the ritual. Unusually for me, I didn’t call on a specific deity, but rather the all-encompassing Goddess as I see Ostara/Easter as Her time. I intoned the names of a number of Goddesses (especially those associated with fertility, which seems suitable for Easter) and thanked Her for her blessings. I then held another healing spell (I know a lot of people in need of healing at the moment!), asking the Goddess in her incarnations of the healing deities to help me.

Towards the end of the ritual, I heard the foxes calling. I’m so glad that now the warm weather is here, I get to see and hear more of the foxes. I always feel like they’re a part of my rituals!


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