“Medieval Days” Videos

It’s safe to say that most Pagans have a particular interest in ancient history, especially that of Celtic, Roman, Viking and Medieval Europe. I therefore thought I’d share my Dad’s latest project – making videos to teach little snippets about history on YouTube!

You see, my Dad’s main job is to go into schools, dressed in period costume and bringing in lots of historical artefacts, and perform “living history” presentations for the children. He’ll do just about any period requested from Early Man to the Second World War, and all his presentations are really hands-on; the children can pick up his genuine artefacts and examine them, something they wouldn’t be able to do in an average museum! My Dad’s done literally hundreds of these school visits now and seeing as they’re so popular, he thought he’d share some of his collection and know-how to others online.

If you’re a teacher or parent in the UK and are interesting in booking my Dad for a presentation at a school or youth group (he’ll also do adult groups such as rotary clubs as well if requested), you can book him through his website, http://www.MedievalDays.com.

Or if you just want to see more of his videos, they’re all here...



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2 responses to ““Medieval Days” Videos

  1. Wonderful to see your loyalty to your Dad and embracing his attempts to educate through a different media Cath

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