April 1st Moot 2015 with Medway Pagans


The “Labyrinth Walk” created by Kevin Groves

Medway Pagans had its monthly moot on April 1st, and this month we did something a little different – a public night of tarot readings and spiritual healing. I’ve never actually had any sort of reading or healing performed before so it was quite a new experience for me!

The evening started with a very simple ritual, calling upon the quarters and asking the deities to protect us and bless us with insight. Then we could move on to the readings.

First I had a tarot reading with my very old friend, Phoenix Rose. She knows me pretty well so it was quite funny having a reading with her, as she could guess what many of the signs indicated alluded to in my life – for example, the male figure in my life providing strength and support could be none other than my husband! She then told me that sudden, unexpected change was on the horizon – something that ultimately would be positive, but for which I would require the support of my friends and family.

The second tarot reading I had seemed to confirm a lot of what I had heard from Phoenix – the main theme was going “out with the old, and in with the new.” So change would seem to be on the books!

I then had a rune reading with Kevin Groves, a Kemetic Pagan who practises a number of different spiritual readings and healings. Unfortunately, the runes didn’t seem to like me as much as the cards – the runes refused to reveal anything on the first two attempts, and on the third attempt one of the unluckiest runes leapt out of the pile straight at me as they were dropped! Kevin recommended taking some magical protective precautions against any misfortune. On the fourth attempt we finally got something – an indication of an anxious day occurring in the future, but that everything would turn out for the best eventually. This did seem to fit with something upcoming in my family life.

I then tried Kevin’s “Labyrinth Walk,” in which one walks around a spiritually-charged labyrinth made from ropes laid on the ground, the idea being to try to find answers to questions in one’s mind, or simply enter a meditative state. I decided not to have a question in mind for the labyrinth (since trying to have a question in mind for the rune reading didn’t seem to work!) and let it take me on its own journey. It reminded me of Zentsuji Temple in Shikoku, Japan, which features a long maze-like path underneath it is completely pitch black; one must keep one hand against the wall in order to follow the path in the darkness. Again, the idea is that walking this path puts one into a meditative state.

Finally I had a combined crystal/tarot reading from one of the ladies at Woodland Magick in Gilligham. I first picked out three gemstones that I was drawn to, and then had a reading from a “Crystal Tarot” deck. This proved to be really insightful – even thought we’d never met before, everything that she told me about my past and present was spot on, and when suggesting what could happen in the future, she gave me some answers to questions I’d had at the back of my mind.

At the end of the evening, we said farewell and thanks to the quarters and deities for their presence.

It was a really enjoyable evening and I’m so glad I managed to have so many different spiritual experiences!


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