Ancient Wisdom: The Astronomer who Fell in the Well


“Tenniel Astrologer” by John Tenniel(Life time: 1820-1914) – Original publication: Aesop’s FablesImmediate source: Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

When one is following a spiritual path, it can be easy to lose focus or our sense of perspective on worldly matters. This ancient tale, one which appears in Aesop’s Fables, warns us of the repercussions of getting our priorities wrong.


An Astronomer used to go out at night to observe the stars. One evening, as he wandered through the suburbs with his whole attention fixed on the sky, he fell accidentally into a deep well. While he lamented and bewailed his sores and bruises, and cried loudly for help, a neighbour ran to the well, and learning what had happened said: “Hark ye, old fellow, why, in striving to pry into what is in heaven, do you not manage to see what is on earth?’


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