The “HI FU MI” Norito – A Shinto prayer for beginners


The HI FU MI Norito can be found in “Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers.”

An important part of Shinto worship within the home is the offering of Shinto prayers, or norito, to the kami. But this can be tricky for non-Japanese Shintoists, as norito are, naturally, written in Japanese. Moreover, the norito use rather archaic and poetic Japanese that’s even trickier, and they’re also intoned in a particular rhythmic, sing-song style that can be hard to imitate, even for proficient Japanese speakers. [Read more]




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5 responses to “The “HI FU MI” Norito – A Shinto prayer for beginners

  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    Hi Trellia. I’m familiar with the Grand Purification Norito which I think is called the “Oharai”. The translation is in the collection by Donald Phillipi. the imagery is stunning and the visualization is right there–how the paper strips used in the ceremony take away all impurities and how the waters flowing take this all into the netherworld.

    I’m not familiar with the one you mention here. Can you give us a translation to round out the book review?

    • I’m afraid there’s no real translation for this norito, although Shinto priests may attribute particular meanings to individual or groups of syllables (the first ten syllables, for example, can be translated as the numbers 1-10).

      • EmilyAnn Frances

        Thank you! I sort of thought that but wasn’t sure. So I’d think it’s more the sounds opening up the spiritual pathways in the mind.

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