Ostara Moot 2015 with Medway Pagans


Last night was Medway Pagans’ Ostara moot. It was quite a special one for me, as it signified one year of being a Medway Pagans member!

This month, we had two altars – one central altar decorated with rabbits and other Ostara symbols (as you can see), and one covered with greenery. Forming a circle around the central altar, we began with some Ostara blessings, and then followed this with something a little different. We all performed a recital of the story of Persephone and her capture by Hades and the pact she makes to spend six months in the underworld, and six months on the surface; the story of the changing seasons. I was delighted to be Persephone! Although I was a little nervous having a reading to perform in the circle for the first time. The lines were written in beautiful verse, and I noticed that in performing the play and acting out the parts of the gods and goddesses, the atmosphere of the circle changed slightly. There’s often moments of quiet comments or little jokes in the circle, but this time everyone was strangely quiet, as if under the spell of the little play we were performing. I think that acting out the Greek myth transported us all to another place and time, helping us to connect more strongly with the deities. At the end of the recital, we all ate a pomegranate seed, just as Persephone had done.


The chick and egg gifts and pomegranate seeds

This was followed by a grounding caked and ale (really welcome after the nervous excitement of reading out loud), and then another surprise; the leader of the ritual had made us all little gifts of eggs with a chick, chocolate mini eggs and seeds inside! I was really happy to receive this as I don’t have any chicks on my Ostara altar, so my gift went straight up there as soon as I got home!


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