March Full Moon Esbat 2015


Offerings on my March Esbat altar

Tonight the Full Moon was very yellow, with a strong yellow halo – it reminded me of the Sun. I thought this was a good omen, as I had decided to honour Amaterasu Omikami, the Shinto Sun Goddess, among the three Goddesses I offered prayers to tonight. Unfortunately, by the time it came to me performing the ritual I could no longer see the Moon.

It being close to Ostara, I first made prayers and offerings of a hot cross bun and chocolate eggs to the Goddess Ostara herself. I honoured her as the Maiden, and asked her to bless the new plants and young animals appearing in the coming of Spring.

I then honoured Amaterasu Omikami as embodying the Mother (she is mother of all people in Shinto legends). It being the time of Hina Matsuri, the Girls’ Festival, I asked her to bless all the women in my family – especially the women younger than myself, and my mother for Mother’s Day – with a long and happy life I offered her sake and a nectarine; I wanted to offer a peach, which is a Hina Matsuri symbol, but nectarines were all that were available.

Finally, I honoured Ceridwen as the Crone for St David’s Day, and asked her to watch over my Welsh family and again my mum (who is Welsh).

I like the fact that these three Goddesses are not only relevant to the seasonal festivals and easily fit the Maid, Mother, Crone Triple Goddess, but they also suggest the three types of heavenly bodies – the Moon (Ceridwen), the Sun (Amaterasu) and the stars (O-STAR-a).

At the end of the ritual, I performed a healing spell again, asking the Goddesses to help me.

Once I finished the ritual, I took down my Hina Matsuri dolls from the altar, as it is considered bad luck to leave them out too long after March 3rd.


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