Altar for March 2015


Now all the major festivals for February are over, I’ve redecorated my shrine in preparation for March’s festivals. It’s features include:

For St David’s Day (March 1st): A daffodil, love-spoon and figurine of a girl in Welsh national dress. I’ve also included a miniature cauldron and a cute witch to represent Ceridwen, one of the most important Welsh deities and also a symbol of rebirth so appropriate for Ostara as well.

For Hina Matsuri (March 3rd): Also known as “Girl’s Festival” or “Doll Festival,” this Japanese festival celebrates girls; especially girls looking to marry. It’s traditional to display dolls representing an Emperor and an Empress in the days leading up to Hina Matsuri, and so I have three pairs of Hina Matsuri dolls displayed on my altar (including the pair I re-painted to represent the God and Goddess all year round). I’ve also used a Hina Matsuri-themed Japanese cloth on this altar, which has a pink/white/red/green colour scheme that suits Ostara well too.

For Ostara (March 20th):  The rabbit/egg figurine I re-painted. I don’t really have a good figure to represent Ostara herself, so instead I used one of my collection of kokeshi (traditional wooden Japanese dolls). She looks young and has a cherry blossom motif, so she seems a suitable symbol for Spring

For Spring in general: The sun plaque I painted gold, to symbolise the end of the cold winter months and the start of the warm, bright months of spring and summer.

I wish I had something good to represent the Mother Goddess for Mother’s Day, and a few more Ostara-related items. I’m sure I’ll find something eventually!

Hinamatsuri-InariI also added a ceramic Hina Matsuri couple to my outside Inari altar. Believe it or not, I managed to find this set in a local charity shop for 60p!

As with most Japanese festivals, there are specific food items associated with Hina Matsuri – special types of rice crackers, mochi and sushi. I wonder if I can find any in the UK in time for March 3rd!



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3 responses to “Altar for March 2015

  1. Oh good Gods, I can’t wait for winter to finally be over. Come on, spring!

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