Save Anthropology A-level!

anthroIt is hugely regrettable that, in this day and age when intercultural understanding is not merely a preferable but essential skill for living in an increasingly connected world, the AQA Exam Board has decided to axe its new Anthropology A-level.

I strongly believe that without anthropologists, modern-day Paganism as we know it simply wouldn’t exist, and Shinto would be unknown outside Japan. I strongly believe therefore that students should have the option to study this fascinating, respected and significant discipline while they are at school. As we know from recent global events, cultural misunderstanding is one of the root causes of conflict today; a greater knowledge of anthropology can help to cure this by teaching us that the huge variety of different ways of life that exist among different cultures should be appreciated and celebrated.

If you feel the same way as I do, please sign this petition to AQA to re-instate Anthropology A-level.

NB – The note in the image is by Ruth Benedict, one of the most influential and important historical figures in the field of Japanese Studies. 



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3 responses to “Save Anthropology A-level!

  1. The whole system has eroded so much what was a-levels are now uni levels or they have to catch up on their own for the top universities .. some years ago I saw a friends daughters a-level work and it was what I did for o-levels … now that’s kinda scary … the examination boards are all private now and competing with each other for each schools exams .. both in ease pupils pass … cause schools need passes or they don’t keep the governmental approval so to speak …. their ratings drop and thy go bust … so … bureau – CRAZY .. is messing up there too .. like everywhere else ..

    Gotta hope the crystal kids keep waking up … rebelling and learning on their own … so many geniuses out there now .. working and learning ON THEIR OWN 🙂 ❤ .. that's where the change will come from ..all those inventors ..some as young as 14 – 15 .. that cam up with amazing ..Life changing things .. from tech through robotic prosthetics … all sorts … and dont forget the 16 year old Muslim girl who got a noble 🙂 … the more I look into all that ..the more I know that bureau CRAZY will implode ..probably sooner rather than later … ❤

    OO dear … that was longer than intended 🙂 … but just one more thing .. I love Anthropology 🙂
    OH & nice blog ❤

  2. thanks for the news. this is nonesense what is happening!

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