Imbolc Moot 2015 with Medway Pagans


Last night was Medway Pagans’ Imbolc moot. Unfortunately, the member who wrote the ritual was ill and unable to perform it in person, so some last-minute changes had to be made – including finding suitable food for the simple feast. We ended up using pringles – in addition to some roasted beans I’d brought to bring some Setsubun symbolism to the occasion. Another member, Red Dawn, contributed a lovely picture of Brighid she’d drawn to the altar. So it turned about to be quite a communal altar in the end!

The ritual was lovely as always and we all enjoyed it, including writing on slips of paper things wanted to bring into, or banish from, our lives to put into a flame.

After the ritual, we chatted and socialised as usual, and just before we left, Red Dawn and I took the remaining beans and scattered them around the oak trees by our meeting place, crying out “oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” – just like one should do at Setsubun in Japan. It was fantastic to be able to incorporate a little Shinto into our already eclectic rituals.



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2 responses to “Imbolc Moot 2015 with Medway Pagans

  1. I really loved the bean throwing at the end of the night. It was great to take part in someone else’s culture with a share root in belife. Thank you xxx

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