Imbolc/Setsubun/February Full Moon 2015


I lit all the candles in the house in honour of Brighid

Although Imbolc was on Monday, the following day was both Setsubun (the Shinto equivalent of Imbolc) and a Full Moon, so it seemed to make more sense to me to celebrate it on February 3rd.

I began by celebrating the Setsubun part first. After making prayers to Inari Okami, I scattered roasted beans outside the house calling “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” (Demons Out, Fortune In), to drive away bad energy and welcome good energy in.


My Imbolc/Setsubun altar, all lit up

Back inside the house, I lit all the candles I had and made offerings to three Goddesses: Brighid (Goddess associated with Imbolc), Uzume (Goddess associated with Setsubun), and Diana. The third Goddess seemed appropriate not only because tonight is the Full Moon, but also because I wanted to offer my prayers for the spirits of my family dog who recently died, and the three foxes killed a couple of days ago near my house, as well as ask for her protection over the surviving foxes in my neighbourhood. As Diana is associated with dogs, she seemed like a logical choice of Goddess to ask this.

I then asked for the candles’ light and energy for a healing spell on certain members of my family who are having health problems, similar to one I performed back in December.

Finally, I ate a simple feast of cheese (for Imbolc) and beans (for Setsubun), and then left some milk, cheese and beans out for Brighid beside our spare bed, together with clothes for her to bless. This is an old Imbolc tradition, and both James and I chose out best business suits that we use for important business occasions like job interviews. I really hope Brighid’s blessings will give us both some good luck at work!


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