On Pagan “Temples”

Picture 106

Shinto shrines in Japan are designed to stand harmoniously within nature

There seem to be quite differing opinions within the Pagan community when it comes to the idea of building Pagan “temples.” On the one hand, some love the idea of having a building where Pagans can all go to honour the deities safely and comfortably. On the other hand, there are Pagans who see that their “temple” is all around them – in the form of the forests, rivers, mountains and oceans – and so a temple is not necessary.

When I read these debates, I always think that Shinto has a good solution. [Read more]



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2 responses to “On Pagan “Temples”

  1. I like ideas for pagan temples that go outside of what most people think of when they think temple. One of my ideas is making one of those sheds that look like mini houses into a temple.

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