“Choosing” Deities verses “Being Chosen”


Inari Okami appears to a warrior. (Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1798 – 1861)

I’ve heard some Pagans claim that one cannot “choose” which deity (or deities) to follow – they must be chosen by the deity themselves. To actively “choose” the deity you worship is somehow seen as invalid, and within the territory of “fluffy” Paganism. One must wait to be “called,” by experiencing the deity in a dream or vision or some other supernatural message. [Read more…]




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3 responses to ““Choosing” Deities verses “Being Chosen”

  1. I agree with you; the issue of “choosing” versus “being chosen” is irrelevant. As you pointed out, one could make the argument that at a higher level, there is no difference anyway!

  2. I don’t think one needs to view the gods as omnipotent in order to say that choosing deities is as valid as being chosen. Most polytheistic theologies break down if you begin saying the gods are omnipotent, for example. But we can still argue that choosing a deity is valid, because we’re all having different relationships with gods. I think arguments that one must be ‘chosen’ favor a certain type of person, mainly those who are already or feel they are already chosen, and set up a hierarchy of worship and value that doesn’t have a place in religious or spiritual communities.

  3. If i were to have waited until i was chosen i would have walked away from paganism a long time ago. It took me 10 years to find my pantheon. During that time i chose deities that interested me. Some didn’t answer, and some i had short relationships with. But all in all i learned a lot. I put the whole “you don’t choose your gods, they choose you” idea in the “it’s good in theory but bad in practice” category.

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