Making recycled gift tags


I thought it would be a good way to kick-start my New Year’s Resolution to live a more green lifestyle to make some gift tags out of old greetings cards that my husband and I have received over the years!

As well as this year’s Christmas cards, they’re mainly from some of our milestone events, such as our engagement and house moving, so I’ve been reluctant to throw them out. However, they’ve just been sitting in a big envelope for ages and I have a feeling that if I don’t put them to good use, I’ll end up throwing them out. So I thought cutting them into gift tags would be a wonderful way to recycle them, so they can bring joy to someone else.

It was also really nice to go through them all again and read all the nice messages from people we’ve had!

I think I’ll keep on doing this with greetings cards in the future as it’s a really enjoyable way of recycling them.


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