Candlelight Meditation with Rooted In Yoga


By Bryan Tong Minh (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday I took part in a candlelit meditation hosted by Rooted In Yoga. I’d found out about the meditation after attending Rooted in Yoga’s “Meditation Flashmob” back in November, and enjoyed this so much I was very keen to take part again.

The meditation itself was similar to the November one, in that it was a guided meditation intended to spread light, love and compassion to others. The difference was that the focus of the meditation was the light of the dozens of candles illuminating the hall in which we were seated. We focussed on a particular candle and visualised taking in its light and warmth, and then sending that light out to the others in the room, and other people we felt needed light and healing.

While I followed the guidance to an extent, I found that I simply enjoyed focussing on the single candle for most of the time. As I’ve found with previous Full Moon Esbats, gazing at a bright light (such as a candle or the moon) for an extended period can be quite an effective way of getting into a meditative state, as eventually the surroundings seem to fade to grey leaving the light the only thing in your field of vision. As I gazed at the single candle, all the other candles in my peripheral vision seemed to blink rapidly like stars as they faded, and the other people in the room faded out of my vision entirely. It became quite an otherworldly and intimate experience.

I thought the meditation was a fantastic way to celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas for people of any or no faiths, and to bring serenity and clarity of thought after all the frenetic activity of the holidays – as the leader of the meditation Kate said, Christmas can be a sensitive and an emotional time, and I think this is very true. Being such an exciting and magical time, it can be wonderful – but it can be quite an exhausting time too. And for those who are missing family and friends, or who are experiencing other problems in their life, Christmas can be a difficult period. I think this meditation was a wonderful opportunity for participants to have a bit of peace and self-healing, while also remembering to extend feelings of love and compassion to others.

The next Sabbat is Imbolc, which is strongly connected with candles (indeed it’s known as Candlemas to Christians). I’d therefore like to try a similar candlelit meditation at Imbolc – I’ll need to look into bulk-buying some tea lights though!


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