Yule Moot 2014 with Medway Pagans


Tonight was a particularly special moot with Medway Pagans – a Yule ritual followed by traditional Christmas dinner. This is an annual event for Medway Pagans, but for the first time it was held at the social club where we meet rather than a restaurant.

The moot began with a ritual by one of Medway Pagans’ founders, who also happens to be one of my oldest friends (she also wrote our handfasting ritual). It’s the first time I’ve seen her perform a ritual and as always it was great – both serene and energising at the same time. She follows a particularly Wiccan-oriented path, and this showed in her ritual, which included casting a circle with an athame. That’s one thing I love about Medway Pagans – anyone can choose to lead a Sabbat ritual which leads to a lot of variation and personalisation. In keeping with Yule, she served spiced cider and chocolate yule log for the simple feast, which went down really well – although I regretted taking such a big slice of yule log once I saw the size of the dishes served at our three-course Yule meal!

One other thing that was a little different to other Medway Pagan rituals I’ve been to was we had some Pagan-friendly Christmas music playing in the background throughout the evening, including the ritual – I think it really added to the atmosphere and perhaps I’ll try the same thing when I come to lead my first ritual (Lammas).

ChiastoliteThe ritual was followed by the full Christmas dinner, including turkey, beef, sprouts, roast potatoes, mince pies, Christmas pudding – you name it! It was really, really delicious but so generous that we all struggled to finish it! We also did Secret Santa (the present my husband and I got was perfect because it was two bangles with pentagrams on them – his and hers!), pulled crackers and got merry and silly.

Right at the end, one of our members brought out some crystals that she sells, and I decided to buy a Chiastolite, a mineral I’ve never seen before – it has a distinct, natural cross pattern in the centre which I found fascinating.

It was a lot of fun and a fantastic way of celebrating the rebirth of the sun at the solstice.


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