Watching the Geminid Meteor Shower


Last night I joined thousands of other stargazers across the globe to watch the Geminid meteor shower. I didn’t go anywhere special – I just stood in the courtyard outside my house at about midnight and looked up. Yet I still managed to see about half a dozen meteors, which was a real treat.

There was something very magical about the Geminid meteor shower. For one thing, meteors are hard to spot in the UK – the only other country I’ve seen them in is Japan (where visible meteor showers seem to be pretty regular), so it was quite special to see them in my own country for the first time. Another thing is the timing, so near to Christmas, a time which has traditionally been associated with bright stars in the night sky.

The magic of the occasion was enhanced by the fact that I heard our local foxes calling to each other – it’s been a long time since I’ve heard or seen them so it’s reassuring to know that they’re still around.

We truly are lucky to live in a world where Nature gives us so many treats of wonder and beauty.


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