From Cherub to Hypnos


I’ve been looking for a figurine of a sleeping cherub for a while now, because I had the idea of using it to represent Hypnos, the God of Sleep, to put in our bedroom (our images of cherubs originally come from Greek and Roman depictions of divinities, after all).

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find a really nice sleeping cherub statue in a charity shop. Only it was bright gold, which is both a little bit too Christmassy, and doesn’t really seem suitable for the shadowy deity Hypnos. So I painted it all over in black acrylic, waited for it to dry a little, and then brushed it all over with a coarse paintbrush so some of the paint scratched off to show the gold underneath. I think this gives the figurine a nice, dark, antique feel. I also see the gold flecks as representing the stars in the night sky, which seems appropriate for the God of Sleep who is also son of the Goddess of Night, Nyx. Hypnos is also the twin brother of Thanatos, the God of Death, so he could also represent this deity too.

I’d actually like to have a representation of a suitable deity in all the rooms in my house – Vesta in the kitchen, Neptune in the bathroom, Mercury or Jizo in the Guest Room (because they protect travellers), and Hecate / Inari in the living room. If I can’t find statues of them, I might alter statues of other figures in this way to represent them.



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