Making a scrying mirror


After painting my sun placque yesterday I was on a bit of a painting roll, so I decided to make a scrying mirror too – around Samhain seems to be an appropriate time! This is pretty easy – I just got an old photo frame, took out the glass and painted it with black acrylic, then put it back in the frame with the painted side on the inside. The effect is simply a pure black yet reflective surface that’s said to be ideal for scrying.

The photo frame is one that was given to my husband and I several years ago and we never used. The markings on the frame are the Chinese character 囍 (shuangxi), meaning “double happiness” (it’s composed of the character for happiness, 喜, repeated).

I plan to use this mirror for scrying closer to Samhain, as it’s said to be a good time for divination-related activities!


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