Painting another charity shop find


Today I had a day off work for taiku-no-hi: “Sports Day,” which is a Japanese public holiday. I spent part of the day shopping in my local town, where I picked up some new Stamford incense (Stamford is my new favourite brand – it burns really cleanly and doesn’t have that sharp pesticide scent that other cheap brands have).

I also bought a lovely, plain white sun plaque made from for £2.00 (there was a matching moon as well but I didn’t like it as much and left it). I thought it would look great painted gold on my altar during the summer months, so I also bought some gold acrylic from Wilko (only 85p!) and painted a thick layer on. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Of course, we are now into the season where we commemorate the death of the Sun God, so I’ll keep my sun plaque stored away for now. But come summertime, I’m sure he’ll look fantastic brightening up my altar!


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