October 2014 Full Moon Esbat

Oct14EsbatTonight I performed the Full Moon Esbat outside as usual. I was pretty lucky – it had been raining late in the afternoon but it cleared up by nightfall. It did mean however, that I had to deal with lots of very slimy slugs! But I did find it pretty appropriate that there was a big puddle by the West quarter of my altar, where the element of Water resides.

With Samhain approaching, it seemed appropriate to honour Hecate, who is both Goddess of the Moon and Underworld. In my prayers to Hecate, I called upon the names of all those close to me who have died, and asked Hecate to bless and protect them in the Otherworld.

Tonight being a “Blood Moon” (although we didn’t see this in Britain), it also seemed an appropriate time to call for an end to bloodshed and conflict and for peace to prevail – especially in these troubled times. I called upon Luna for peace, drawing on the Moon’s stillness and serenity.

Finally, my sister’s second child is nearly due, so I finally called upon Diana – Goddess of the Moon, women, children and childbirth.

After making my offerings and prayers to these three aspects of the Moon Goddess, as well as consecrating a few new tools, I gazed upon the moon to try and put myself into a similar “trance state” that I did last month’s Esbat.  Although I couldn’t see all of the Moon because it was shining behind the trees. But it was still effective – the branches blowing in the wind across the Moon made it look like twinkling stars or fairy lights, which was magical in itself. And as I gazed on the moon, eventually the surrounding trees themselves seemed to be glowing with an aura. It reminded me of the sheer energy of the nature around me.

I finished the ritual with a simple feast (a piece of apple and some sweet wine), and took the remaining offerings up to the nearest crossroad to place there for Hecate.

Throughout the ritual I heard our local foxes calling – they always seem to be pretty active at the Full Moon. At the end of the ritual, one of the local cats also came into the garden (but seemed fairly unimpressed that I was there!).

I’m glad that I’ve still been able to perform the Esbats outdoors as autumn’s arrived. I wonder what the weather next month will be like?



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3 responses to “October 2014 Full Moon Esbat

  1. Happy Belated Blood Moon! (I missed it, myself.) And ditto on each of your prayers to Hecate, Luna and Diana!

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