Deterring Spiders the Natural Way

Arachne, transformed into a spider by Athena.

Arachne, transformed into a spider by Athena.

As both a Pagan and Goth, it shames me to admit that I am very afraid of spiders. It saddens me because I think they’re fascinating creatures that do nothing but good for people in Britain – we have no really poisonous spiders and they catch flies, so we should be grateful for them. Yet I have an irrational, uncontrollable fear of them. Even a picture of a spider is enough for me to get a surge of adrenalin.

Recently, we’ve had lots of very large spiders in our house. My husband has had to rescue me from them too many times over the past few weeks, so I decided to try two natural remedies said to repel spiders:

1. Spray peppermint oil around areas that spiders gather

2. Place conkers in those same areas.

Two weeks ago, I went gathering autumn leaves for Mabon, and at the same time I collected some conkers as well. I put some on my Inari shrine, and the remainder near our front door where I’ve seen some of the biggest spiders lurking. I also picked up some peppermint oil from the local Holland & Barrett, put some drops in a spray bottle of water, and squirted it all over all the nooks and crannies in the house.

It’s been about a fortnight since I did this, and guess what? No spiders to be seen!

It would appear that in most cases there’s a natural solution to just about anything! Thank you Mother Nature once again.



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2 responses to “Deterring Spiders the Natural Way

  1. ChildofRa

    My mom hates spiders but what i do if i see a spider is i try to pick it up (not with my bare hands of course it could be poisonous ) and set it free outside. People look at me like im crazy but its not harming anyone so why kill it?

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