The Spirituality of Alcohol


Bacchus, the God of Wine. “Bacco” by Caravaggio – (Own work), Lafit86. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Why is alcohol sacred in some religions but prohibited in others? I explore this question in this article at Patheos! 




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3 responses to “The Spirituality of Alcohol

  1. First, this is a very nice blog. Good work!

    Second, you make a great point about how “sacred” and “profane” are sometimes the same. I can identify with this because pigs are sacred to my chief Deity, and as a result, I feel bad whenever I eat pork. As delicious as it is, I’m thinking about swearing off pork for good as my Samhain resolution for this year.

    Third, I can totally see how spirits (as in alcohol) can facilitate better communion between us and spirits (as in Gods, ghosts, etc.).

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