Covering my Witches’ Datebook

WitchesDatebookI recently bought Llewellyns 2015 Witches Datebook, as we’re already planning our schedule for next year at work so I need a diary for 2015 – and I thought I may as well get one that has all the important Pagan dates already listed in it!

However, I don’t feel comfortable using such an obviously Pagan item at work – mainly because in Britain, overt displays of any religion (not just Paganism) are viewed with a slight air of suspicion, especially in an office environment. I don’t want people I’ve just met on a work basis to judge me on the basis of my religion. It’s a bit of a stereotype that Pagans are laid-back, weird cloudcuckoolanders, so I don’t want people to think that I won’t be professional or good at what I do just because I’m also a Pagan. Additionally, it’s called the “Witches’ Datebook” and there’s still lots of people out there who think witches sacrifice goats and worship the forces of evil (I don’t really consider myself a “witch” anyway because magic forms only a minor part of my path).

So I decided to cover my Datebook so it’s less obvious what it is. I used an old T-shirt that I don’t really like wearing any more but don’t want to get rid of because it was a gift from my Mum from her trip to Las Vegas so it has sentimental value. Plus I do quite like the design, which is a pattern of angel wings on the front and back with faded writing and sequins. So I thought it would be great to up-cycle this t-shirt to cover my new Datebook.

I did a really rough job on it, but I’m happy with the result – it does the trick.

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