Mabon Moot with Medway Pagans


The Mabon Altar

(How’s that for an alliterative title?)

Tonight saw Medway Pagan’s Mabon Moot. There was a big group of us (more than twenty); it would appear Medway Pagans is getting bigger and bigger all the time. Which is great!

The ritual took place completely indoors for the first time since Ostara. It began with the lighting of candles for each of the Four Quarters. With all of us together in a circle around the flickering candles, it created a really warm and congenial atmosphere – perfect for the spirit of autumn. We then shared cut apple pieces (each displaying their natural pentagram within) and took a bite, and shared a communal chalice of (really nice) cider. It was a simple yet very cheerful ritual.

Then came the part we’d all been looking particularly forward to – home-made soup, very kindly and generously prepared by one of Medway Pagans’ founders! It was absolutely delicious and there was plenty for everyone. We all ate the soup from bowls and plates we’d brought ourselves (quite a few of us brought bread too) and sat and chatted. I noticed just how much everyone seemed to be enjoying each other’s company – it’s amazing how sharing food brings people together in such a natural way. I think we all came away afterwards having formed deeper friendships than before.

As always, it was a lovely night and the perfect way to welcome in the darker seasons ahead!


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