Mabon Altar for Inari


Mabon Blessings everyone!

On Sunday, the weather was lovely so I decided to go for a little walk in my local park. Going for walks in the autumn to view the beautiful red leaves is a tradition in Japan, known as “momiji-gari.” The term “momiji-gari” can be translated as “collecting autumn leaves,” so I decided to take this a little more literally and gathered some leaves (the oak leaves in particular looked lovely), pine cones, acorns and conkers with the intention of decorating my Inari altar for Mabon; the Autumn Equinox is also a significant day in Japan too.

I’ve been trying to make sure I do a bit of litter picking when I go out to enjoy nature, so I did that too. I very easily filled two plastic bags with rubbish. Some of it was disgusting – it’s shocking what some people just chuck in the bushes without caring on its impact on the environment and the people who might also want to enjoy the park. But I still enjoyed being out and seeing my favourite trees, such as the big oak tree near the tennis court and the yew tree that’s hidden away in the undergrowth. These trees are beginning to feel like old friends when I go and visit them.

When I got back I put the leaves and other items on the altar, and also gave all the items and the fox statues a clean before putting them back and placing offerings. As an early celebration of Mabon, I mixed some acorns and some enoki mushrooms I bought the other day in London with the rice offering. I hope Inari-sama enjoys it!


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