“Ostara Bunny” Figurine Make-Over

bunny1 bunny2As I had a day off work yesterday (for Keiro no Hi), I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of arts & crafts work. A while ago I found a brilliant idea for giving figurines a “rustic/antique” make over on Ozark Pagan Mother’s blog, and I’ve been itching to give it a try. So while I was in town I popped into a charity shop, and found an old, tacky, cheap resin figure of an albino rabbit hatching out of an egg covered in flowers. I thought it had the potential to look quite Pagan and mysterious – you often see Easter Bunnies holding Easter Eggs, but you rarely see one hatching out of an egg. It’s a strong symbol of the rebirth of the Earth at Spring. So I bought it for £1.50 and some acrylics, and I thought I’d try and transform this figurine into a rustic “Ostara Bunny”  using Ozark Pagan Mother’s technique.

One problem that I have when it comes to arts & crafts is that I have very little patience – when I put on the first layer of white acrylic, I got really impatient waiting for it to dry and put on a layer of dark acrylic while it was still rather damp! I have to admit though, it did look very nice as a dark green colour. I then let that dry and sponged an ivory layer on the top – but unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with the result. I think Ozark Pagan Mother’s technique really only works well with figures with lots of detail, rather than the smoothed, round surface of an egg – the lighter colour overwhelmed the dark. I initially wished I’d just left it green. But then I decided to cover it with a thin layer of gold nail varnish and that seemed to improve it quite a bit!

I think my Ostara Bunny would look nice on an Ostara altar, or perhaps even an O-tsukimi altar seeing as how both rabbits and eggs are O-tsukimi symbols!

Not bad for first attempt, I think. I wish I’d taken a “before” picture so you could see what it looked like before. But now I feel inspired to do this again, so next time, I’ll try to take some “before” and “after” shots!



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