New Moss Garden


On Saturday my husband and I went to Camer Park. It’s a really beautiful country park just a few minutes’ walk from Sole Street station, and it’s one of our favourite places to go to for picnics.

After our picnic, I decided to go and try and find some wild flowers for my Mum (she loves flowers). Although I didn’t find any flowers, I did find some absolutely gorgeous moss samples growing on bark and dead wood, so I decided to collect some to add to my collection of indoor moss gardens. I collected some dropped-off bark that was covered in very bright green moss, and a small piece of dead wood  with a little moss that reminded me of a rugged mountain with a trees growing on it.

When I am in the woods like this, with the trees towering in arches over me and with beautiful plants all around, I feel like I am in a grand cathedral. And as a Pagan, I feel like I ought to be like a monk in such places- respectful and reverent of the nature around me. So I took the opportunity to do a little bit of litter-picking as well; I couldn’t believe just how much was around this beautiful park. And so much of it was within a few metres of a rubbish bin!

When we got home, I didn’t have any spare containers so I added the new moss to one of the old gardens. The wood “mountains” and bark really give the garden a “contoured” feeling, I think. I also added a little Buddha statue that I’d bought in a charity shop the other day. I suppose a Pagan deity may have been more appropriate, but small, affordable Pagan statues (Hellenic, Celtic or otherwise) are comparatively hard to find. I am pretty interested in Buddhism anyway; I would say most Shintoists are as the two overlap a great deal in Japan. What’s more, I think the Buddha statue and the shape of the “mountains” really gives the moss garden quite an Asian feeling – which is appropriate considering Japan is renowned for cultivating moss!

I hope I can find some little Pagan statues so I can make a “moss shrine” soon…




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2 responses to “New Moss Garden

  1. Erik

    The garden came out beautifully! (I just found you via a link from the Inari Faith International FB page, and am enjoying browsing the archives… 🙂

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