Worrying times for the local foxes

foxI haven’t heard or seen our local foxes for a whole week now. This is a bit worrying, as we usually hear them almost every night, playing right outside our house. What’s even more worrying is that the big house opposite ours, which has a very large garden and is probably where the foxes spend most of their time, has just had a big clear-out, and they may have decided to clear out the garden too. I am concerned that this has disturbed the foxes – they might not even come back.

I would be pretty upset if these foxes do not return. We’ve come to see them as our neighbours, and more than that, they have a spiritual significance for me. I felt inspired to set up the little Inari shrine because of the local foxes, and I’ve come to see their presence as a good luck omen. Whenever I see them or hear them, I feel that somehow we are being watched over and protected.

I will keep on watching, listening out, and hoping that they return.


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